Youth Fitness


PNF is the only specialized training center for youth fitness in the Lakes Region.


It's never too early to start training body mechanics, coordination and gait. Here at PNF we specialize in training youth and strive to give them the most important focus they need in competing in the present day world.

PNF believes in building functional young bodies. Functional training youth creates a sturdy platform on which to build coordination, strength, speed, etc. A functional child will have the strength, flexibility, and coordination specific for their sport.



By completing specific exercises that simulate normal movement patterns or challenging balance through different planes of a movement pattern will give ease to the physical aspect during day to day life or competition.

We give young athletes the tools they need to compete in today's environment. Our approach prides itself on improving athletic performance, decreasing risk for injury, and increasing self-confidence.Being overly big & bulky is in the past.  

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